Known originally as the “Cimmerans”, this group first came to the attention of the North dancing public about 14 months ago. It was mainly as a result of the impression made on the public at dance-breaks that inspired their emergence as a semi-professional group.

At this stage Alex Stewart decided to take the group under management. It has been mainly under Alex’s direction that the group developed.

By mid-summer 1963 they were travelling and playing throughout the North-East corner of Scotland. Wider experience came in the Autumn, when they won the Scottish Section of the National Beat Championships and then went on to finish second in the finals in London. This combined with the group’s original style, has resulted in such an increase in their publicity that the group have been simply unable to meet demands for their services. And they have turned professional. They are shortly to cut their first disc, probably for E.M.I. Line up:

Robert Lawson

Born 23rd December, 1946 in Buckie.  Height 5ft 81/2 ins. Weight 143lbs. Favours casual clothes, The Cresters, John Barry, steak and chips.

Alistair Ewen

Born 3rd December 1948 in Buckie. Height 5ft 5ins. Weight 141lbs. Digs Brenda Lee, Rolling Stones, The Cresters, Chuck Berry, continental clothes.

John Stewart

Born 8th July 1946 in Buckie.  Height 5ft 71/2 ins. Weight 135lbs. Is vocalist with the group.  Likes Chuck Berry, The Cresters, The Hollies, casual wear, Liz Taylor and pleasant people.

William Cameron(Billy)

Born in Buckie 1946. Height 5ft 8ins. Weight 138lbs. Likes suede clothes, The Cresters, Hank Marvin, Chuck Berry, good manners and cokes.

Iain Lyon

Born in Buckie, 1946. Height 5ft 5ins. Weight 119lbs. Has composed a number and likes steak and onions, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, The Cresters, The Hollies, The Beatles, continental slick suits, small blondes, sleeping and cheese.


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