Copycats  On  Star  Debut

On the first of September, the Copycats embark on a big promotional tour of the Continent in conjunction with the simultaneous release of their first Continental single record and their L.P.  Radio and T.V. shows are included in the exposure of these two discs. They’ve accepted a contract with E.M.I. records, basing themselves in Frankfurt, West Germany. They will tour most countries on the Continent.  The sale of the records will determine the actual length of time in each country.

The boys are great favourites with the German Teenagers and as all top British Groups are now touring the world, the Copycats are now set on the launching pad to international success.

Mr A.A. Bonici, the group’s business manager, and Mr Fallon, their London agent, fly to Germany with the Copycats to complete negotiations.

At the moment, the Copycats are in cabaret in the North of England working for Mr Douglas Kneale of Darlington, formerly of Rock House, Portnockie.