Johnny Made Them Scream 1963

Screaming teenagers hailed Johnny and the Copycats, the popular Buckie musical group as winners of the first heat in a £2000 beat band contest held in Elgin Town Hall last Thursday night.

It was a popular result for as one teenager later said “Johnny, in his brown jersey and with his gimmick lensless spectacles and a string less fiddle – had the packed hall at his feet”

Other beat bands taking part in the contest were – The New Apaches, Eddie Lepard and the Leopards, The Tornadoes, The Wildcats and the Electrons.


Hundreds of North-East teenage fans are being asked to sign a petition calling for a change of venue for the forthcoming Scottish finals of a national band contest.

Young supporters of three North-East groups who have reached the finals – two from Aberdeen and one from Buckie – complain that, because of the long travelling distances involved, they are being prevented form supporting their favourite bands.

The petition is the latest outcome of much disputed finals of the contest held at Hamilton earlier this week.

The Buckie group Johnny and the Copycats, journeyed 200 miles to Hamilton but were not even allowed on stage. One of the Aberdeen groups, Barry Wayne and the Strangers, also protested after getting only four minutes playing time. The Royal Teens, Aberdeen also played in the contest.

Now the organisers have promised that the finals will be held again early in November at Paisley Town Hall.

“Bit nearer

But the new venue has not pleased the three North-east groups of their fans. A leading supporter of the Buckie band, Mr George Davidson, Main Street, is organising the petition in an effort to let the organisers to change their minds.

One of the petitioners explained: “We would like to see this second final a bit nearer Aberdeen – preferably Perth or Dundee”.

Mr Alexander Stewart, Manager of the Buckie Copycats said: “At Hamilton on Monday night, the Glasgow team that won had over four hundred fans with them. We got the impression that if they were not awarded first place there would have been a riot”

“We are confident that, if the finals were held in, say Dundee, we could fill as many as eight buses with North-East supporters. A couple of hundred have already signed the petition”.

A spokesman for the competition event said “We can see that the North-East supporters have a point, but we must not forger there are a tremendous number of fans in the West of Scotland.